Unique fountain Shows

Programming of musical fountains
We offer a wide range of services in the creative field
Programming of musical and dynamic fountains
Our specialists and designers have extensive experience in the creation of the fountain show. They will program your fountain to your favorite musical compositions, and you will be able to enjoy it to the fullest.
Configuring Remote Management
Thanks to the latest equipment, you can turn on and control your fountain even from your smartphone.
Connecting the equipment
Our qualified specialists will install and connect all the equipment.
Additional multimedia equipment
Make your fountain special!
At your request, we can supplement the fountain with lasers and a video projector that will broadcast video directly to the fountain, to the water screen, as well as a sound audio system!
Automated operation
Once your show has been created with the software, it can be uploaded to one of our hardware solutions, such as V: Server or V: Nano.
V: Nano offers fully automated operation using the built-in scheduler, while V: Server can also be used in manual mode via the Live Panel.
Fountain programming services
Programming a daytime water show without music 900$
Show for small LED dynamic fountains up to 512 channels
Programming a musical water show $ 90 per minute
Shows for small and medium-sized musical fountains up to 1024 channels
Water Multimedia Show Programming $ 120 per minute
Show for large fountain complexes using multimedia technologies (laser, video projector)