Animation, design and costruction of fountains
Our company offers innovative services aimed at the creative interpretation of your ideas. Working on the project, we strive to reach a qualitatively new level, using advanced technologies and tools.
3D Visualization
At its core, 3D visualization is a three-dimensional graphic that can replace a photo. But we can only photograph what already exists, and visualization demonstrates what we want to get. Over the past decade, this technology has become one of the most popular ways to create high-quality digital content.

Advantages of 3D visualization:
Visual information is better perceived and allows you to quickly and effectively convey your own thoughts and ideas to the viewer. Physiologically, the perception of visual information is basic for a person.
Animation and visualization services
Video animation of the singing fountain 400 $
The animation of the singing fountain is a simulation of the entire water show: the work of the lights, injectors and working out the rhythms and transitions. That is, the fountain will work to the music and in time with the music. Perhaps the animation of the singing fountain is the only way to explain to the customer how his future singing fountain will work.
    Video animation of the fountain 200 $
    Animation of a dynamic fountain is easier and faster than that of a singing fountain. The fountain shows water paintings without being tied to music. Music is used as the background.
    Visualization of the fountain 100 $
    Fountain visualization is a series of images that show the fountain in day and night mode and all the water paintings in various combinations. These are static images. Unlike animation, they don't move and have nothing to do with the music. It will take from 1 day to create the visualization, depending on the complexity of the fountain, and the cost is calculated based on the number of water paintings.